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Lynn (MagikCraft) is a 7th Generation Spiritual Reader, Medium, Healer, and Clergy, who loves the craft. Many paths were shown to her by family and friends through the varied chapters in her book of life. Her first experiences with the supernatural were prior to starting school, and that knowledge has continued to grow as she’s learned more over the years. There are several family members, friends, and teachers who inspired Lynn to continue obsession with learning, researching, and absorbing information on many spiritual paths. I have studied many paths for over 45 years. I offer Psychic readings along with my love to read the Tarot, Channel, Runes, Crystal Ball and messages from the Spirits and Spirit Guides for individuals or tarot parties, herbal and spell casting seminars, candle crafting, and spinning . I grew up in England, then (many moons ago when I was 12) moved to the USA. I have lived in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and, for the past 16 years, North Carolina. I love each state I have lived in and visited. I believe each place is a link to an adventure in my life whether positive or negative. I try to learn from all my experiences. I don’t judge anyone or partake in gossip. My hope is to live in peace and make at least one person smile each day. I love my family and friends, old and new, and hope to be granted a long life to enjoy many more moons — my life line is long, so I think the odds are in my favor to do so. 🙂
In a nut shell – enjoy life….if you continue to look to the past you can never move forward and I truly believe POSITIVE ENERGY IS CONTAGIOUS!!

Legally Ordained Clergy Available for Weddings, Handfastings/Rites of Passage/naming

Eternal Blessings and stay positive!

Lynn and Tom were recently married on July 4, 2016. Although residents of Durham NC, they made their vows on Myrtle Beach in South Carolina during a new moon. When they met they became very good friends instantly. Despite neither one of them seeking to be involved in love, those close to them commented frequently that they were falling for each other. People in public thought they had been married for years. He would stop by to see her after work, between jobs, after coaching – they couldn’t get enough of each other! Lynn believed their souls had known each other for many lives. Instant synchronicities and parallels were present, although the divergences were just as many.  Lynn and Tom truly enhance each other, challenge each other, and look forward to adventures in life as they move forward together.

Tom is a native of Durham, NC. His love of sports has been with him his entire life, and his involvement with track and field started as early as sixth grade, eventually leading to running track at Northern High School. After a bad accident in western NC, he started listening to alternative news media on a regular basis and immersed himself in investigative news and the truth movement.  Then, when family members fell ill, it sparked his interest in alternative health and nutrition. He relentlessly studied and took thousands of notes, which enables him to be a wealth of information in alternative health care. Tom has also become an expert in crafting copper lettering and jewelry along with custom shapes and symbols. The love of this craft was derived from Tom’s being an electrician for most of his life in the family business, Swain Electric.