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I am a 7th Generation Spiritual Reader, Medium, Healer, and Clergy. Many paths were shown to me by family and friends through the varied chapters in my book of life. My first experiences with the supernatural were prior to starting school, and my knowledge has continued to grow as I’ve learned ever since I was a child. My Nanny, Annie Hunter Church, was my greatest inspiration. I used to peek in the kitchen and watch her reading a deck of poker cards with a glowing aura and a gift that truly amazes me even to this day. Nanny was a Gemini and a truly nurturing woman with knowledge that cannot be gained from books, though she read many. My Father gave me many words of wisdom, such as: “Always follow your gut feeling, and never burn your bridges.” My inner voice taught me that I was on this journey to continue to learn. Many times when life was not as harmonious as it could have been, I found strength within myself to continue, as I knew that my blessings and spiritual gifts were meant to be shared and taught. No matter how dark a time it may have been, I always believed that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. My life is a testament to this truth. As I continue through my book of life I hope that our paths will cross. I am sure our journey will be brilliant chapters in our books of life!

Lynn is currently working with two publishers, and look for new books coming soon!

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