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Services and Prices


The wisdom and experience of a 7th generation spiritual healer, who has read over 10,000 people on an international level, taught many workshops, is trained and certified in the art of Tarot, with excellent reviews. 147465

Obtain the edge on life by seeing the history of your past, your current situation, and your upcoming destiny, of which can be changed with the knowledge of your future, as thy will be thy own.

MagikCraft also reads energy and is a medicine woman, accredited medium, shamanic healer, and Celtic, trained to help with difficult life changes, unexpected life events, and grief counseling, who encompasses all these skills along with spiritual healing, teachings, and cleansings, spiritual healer, and works with spirit guides with her intuitive gift.

Services and prices

The Tarot Readings for an individual is  $120.00 and last anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the cards and messages given to you to help enhance your life. Couples and or groups can be read together at the rate of $120.00 for the first person in the group and $100 for each additional person.  Corporate Events, Weddings, Parties are priced based on the amount of people and location on an international venue.

$20 off Tarot reading for Student and Military & First Responder discount applied with ID.


The Palm Readings utilize the lines, the length of your digits, and color variation of your skin tone, a prediction will be made of your future, in regard to your love life, career, emotional status, and your health. Price is $60.

Medium work will connect to the other side with family members, friends, and animals. MagikCraft is an accredited medium with specific details of the deceased. These sessions are emotionally intense and will heal the soul. Price is $150.

Life coach and spiritual healing sessions will provide you with the skills to overcome your depression, get through difficult marriages or career situations, career guidance, life path awareness. MagikCraft has healed thousands with her style of nurturing, factual information, and a loving and positive environment. MagikCraft’s clients has said that they feel better about themselves, more confident, and are ready to take charge of their lives after the intuitive guidance. The first session takes approximately 2 hours and is $185. All continuing session are $100.

Certified and Ordained Clergy and Wedding Officiant of thirty years. Specializes in unique and eclectic ceremonies. Prices vary upon location and event style. Services include but are not limited to: weddings, hand fastenings, naming ceremonies, house and business blessings, and cleansing (the clearing of negative energies and entities, of any shape and form are MagikCraft’s specialty).