agikCraft is a metaphysical company that has served people and animals for the past 30 years. MagikCraft’s services and inventory have helped to heal and enhance the spiritual path of many individuals. Through the guidance and teachings of Lynn Schuppan’s family and friends in the UK and US, this tradition has been continued. Lynn holds the honor of being the 7th generation in her family to continue to guide, teach and heal through various means that are aligned with the seeker. Lynn is continuing to share this hereditary gift by passing it on to the up and coming generations in her family, friends and all who choose to learn and share knowledge on these topics. Our belief is that all positive religions are a way to increase your quality of life through the spiritual realm and all are connected through the divine powers that be. By using the gifts of reading Tarot, Auras, Energies, Spirits, Animal Totems, and Ancestral Guides, a better, more educated choice can be made by the seeker of higher consciousness.

e believe that everyone is born with spiritual guides, and that every person is born with intuitive powers. Some people are born naturally strong. People can learn their spiritual path at any time in their life. There is no specific time in a person's life for them to find their own true spiritual path, as some people may have more than one spiritual journey to take in this life. The goal is to help all people who choose to find their spiritual path to activate or amplify their spiritual gifts and to live in love, harmony, peace, and joy with positive energy. When we embark on our Spiritual Journey, it is comforting to have guidance and support along with education in that area of spiritualism from others who have traveled the path before you. Let us join together to manifest your positive new life. The crossroads of life affect us all. It could be the loss of a loved one or a change in a relationship which propels people towards changing their reality. It is often that people at these points in life choose to go “deeper” and make the choice to expand their spiritual gifts and knowledge or to gain insight from their intuition and learn to listen to their inner voice. It could be that you have never experienced any of the topics touched upon here and are curious to learn and grow within yourself, or to learn what your future holds. So, if you like what you hear and see in your life, you are free to continue along the same path. But if you don’t like what you hear or see in your life, you have the tools within you to change your path and gain a brilliant future with healthy choices. The reality is that positive energy is contagious. Knowledge is power, and it is meant to be shared.