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Taylor M.

I have been to many metaphysical shops and had several readings in my life over the years but I can say definitively that my reading from Lynn was one of the most intuitive and caring that I have ever gotten. She is absolutely incredible, warm and kind. She clocked me on nearly everything I have been working on recently and in such an empathetic way that I am so grateful for, she really is one of a kind. The little extra mile she and Tom go to just to make sure everyone in the store is comfortable is wonderful. They are both great people, if you're considering a reading or just browsing some crystals and other stuff then I 100% recommend MagikCraft. You will not have another experience quite iike it.


Stacey Whitlow 

Absolutely the most amazing life coaching I have ever received in my life. Her advice has helped me, my husband, and my children conquer the everyday challenges life throws our way. I have only visited the store for two sessions, but I am already a believer that this is the solution for anyone looking for answers. My visits have truly been blessed and positive experiences for me.

Donna K.

Thank you guys at Bull City Magic. Another great visit...many thanks to Justin for his informative knowledge and eagerness to help. Love each custom piece of jewelry I purchased along with some other goodies.Looking forward to my reading with Mrs. Lynn

Vette Smiles

I absolutely love MagikCraft! I always find just what I'm looking for and Lynn and Tom are always soooo helpful. I really enjoy how they just let you flow through the store and take as much time as you need to get pulled to "exactly what you need".

Trish Montello

Love this place. Been there twice already. Their crystal selection is phenomenal and love their homemade incense!

Beonka Jackson

This place is truely magic!! As soon as you walk in the doors the postive engery is over taking!! I can't wait to go back....and will be going back very soon!!

TheDutchess Barner

Love 💕 this store. Very friendly staff!!!!! Great collection of stones as well as information.........

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