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In Person at our 3 locations Durham NC,  Hillsborough, NC and Chapel Hill. Also available via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp

For alternate times/days please check our other locations at Magic on 70, Hillsborough, NC & Quantum Soul, Chapel Hill, NC!

  • An extensive, life changing session to heal and revitalize the self.
    2 hr
    500 US dollars
  • Identifies obstacles & raises vibration & energetic soul alignment.
    1 hr 30 min
    325 US dollars
  • A conduit with many dimensions! Ancestors, Spirit Guides & Energies.
    45 min
    225 US dollars
  • Divine wisdom & psychic spiritual guidance.
    45 min
    150 US dollars

Lynn MagikCraft Swain is available for Remote Sessions & in person Readings or Sessions on the below days. 


Durham NC at MagikCraft Bull City Magic  

Thursday & Saturday  

Hillsborough NC at Magic on 70 



Chapel Hill at Quantum Soul 

Sunday, Tuesday & Friday 



Remote is preferred on Zoom or Skype for your recording ease although, remote is also available on Facetime or WhatsApp although for these you will need to have an alternative format to record. Please request when you book a remote in Session or Reading how you would like to connect with Lynn MagikCraft Swain.

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