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Lynn & Tom Swain

MagikCraft is a 7th generation accredited international medium and psychic. She has been reading for over 45 years for the public and has read over 30,000 people to date as of July 2019 in 17 countries. 

Lynn utilizes an array of divination techniques , Tarot , Oracle, Crystals, Ruins, Tea Leaves, Palm Reading, Scrying, Channeling, Mediumship, Akashic Records, Bone Throwing, Roots, Herbs, Shamanism, Reiki Master, Candlewax Reading, Fire Magic, Smoke Reading, Multi-Verse Dimensional Messages, God, Goddesses, Angels, Spirit Guides , Ancestor, Aura, Soul Energy, Dream Interpretation, Past Life Regression, Astral Projection along with visions through prophecy, Telekinesis, Psychokinesis, Aerokinesis, Afterlife Communication, AKD- After Death Communication,Healer, Clergy, Teacher, and Practitioner of the Craft.

She has knowledge and experience in the above practices of which she has been educated

since early childhood, after her first encounter with the supernatural. Lynn continues her thirst for knowledge and believes she will until her last breath in this soul life.

Born in New Jersey and raised in England, Lynn moved to the U.S when she was at the young age of 12.

After enjoying life and it's adventures living in New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, Lynn settled in North Carolina where she now lives with her husband Tom (a Durham, NC native himself) who has a wealth

of knowledge and interest in alternative health and nutrition. 

•  •  •  •

As Lynn would say herself, positive energy is contagious, and she thoroughly enjoys spreading just that as

well as helping others live their lives to the fullest. 

Lynn is available for hire for individual, corporate, public and private events. ( see readings sessions and events)

Lynn Swain is a Legally Ordained Clergy Available for Weddings, Handfastings, Rites of Passage, Naming,

Energetic Clearing ( Home, Business, University)

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