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Bull City Magik-MagikCraft presents “ Wrap with Ron"

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Ron Stonemage is a local artist featured at Magikcraft. Ron has been wrapping for about 8 years now. His work is featured at Magikcraft, 1916 Perry Street Location in Durham, NC. Ron combines spiritual guidance with stone and wire. He first got his inspiration to wrap stones from a message given to him by an Intuitive Channel. He received the message during the Pagan Pride day event, and informed that he should use his hands to create items. Because of this message Ron discovered wire wrapping. The rest is history as he’s been embraced by clients across the United States! Clients love his work because of the healing they get and also the originality. No two pieces look the same ever. Ron just lets the stone take the lead and the rest just happens.

Ron will be at Magikcraft Monday January 9, 2019 - Friday January 13, 2019, doing a “Wrap with Ron” event as he wraps stones for any client who may purchase them in our store. For a nominal fee he will make a pendant for you while you wait. Only 1 stone per customer due to time constraints and demands. As a kind reminder only stones purchased in the store will be eligible for wrapping that day. We look forward to seeing you!

Price of event ranges from $15-$40.

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